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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Do you help with the training of my VA?

Your VA will have access to our online VA training academy. We also provide them access to our online training material of just about every task you will be assigning them.


To support my employees future, how can I pay into the Government employee programs such as Social Security, PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig

To ensure it is paid, we will collect your VA’s Government Remittances from you and pay them to each government department for the benefit of your VA.

If I find that I'm not able to manage my VA, is it possible to convert to your supported service ?

Yes we offer a seamless transition to our fully managed service.

Is my VA an employee of Glow Workspace?

You will have a choice to employ your VA or have them work for you as an independent contractor. They do not have any contractual relationship with us, other than an office occupancy agreement.

How will I know if my employee has shown up to the office?

You will be notified within 30 minutes if they do not come to work.

How do I pay my employee?

We will help you and your VA setup an account with a third party money transfer service such as Airwallex or Payoneer. This will enable you to pay your employee directly from your bank account or credit card.

Can I change my VA if they don’t work out?

Absolutely. We offer a 3 month placement guarantee, where we will repeat the recruiting process at no charge to you.

Will my VA be able to participate in the social activities that Global OfficeWorks employees enjoy?

Yes, One of the key benefits of Glow Workspace is that our monthly service fee includes your VA participating in our monthly, quarterly and annual social activities.


Will my VA be entitled to avail the free lunch provided to Global OfficeWorks employees?

Yes, Our monthly fee includes your VA being provided lunch every day.

Does my VA have their own computer or do I provide one?

We will assist you with your purchase of a computer. We facilitate this for you based on the specifications you provide us. We recommend desktop computers for both performance and security reasons. If you change VA’s, the computer stays securely in our office, ready for your next VA’s use.

Will you assist me with quality assurance, performance management, task management, one on one training, and attendance of my VA?

No, if you feel that these services are of value to you, you may be better suited to avail our fully managed service at

Do you have redundant power and the internet?

Yes. Each workstation is equipped with a UPS battery backup, our office has a backup generator and we have three fibre optic internet connections.

Do you help with employment contracts?

Yes. We provide you with an employment contract template.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, Glow Workspace will only charge you our Monthly Workspace Service Fee. If you pay by credit card, the credit card fees will be added to your cost.

Will you invoice me each month?

No. Your payments to Glow Workspace shall be remitted through auto payment from your bank or credit card.

What are my expected salary costs?

The amount you pay your VA is completely up to you.

However, here are our recommendations:

Click here to see VA expected Salary

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