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Finally, a company that offers you the choice of managed and supported Virtual Assistants OR hosting your staff in our professional office setting.



Well Trained

Professional Growth Opportunities

In over 10 years of owning and operating Global OfficeWorks Virtual Assistants, I have learned that teamwork, training, support, performance management, accountability, supervision, and socializing with officemates in a quiet office setting are the keys to success. . 

Most business owners do not have the time, patience, knowledge or inclination to provide their VA’s this level of support. Therefore, a fully managed, office-based VA service is often the best solution.

However, not everyone needs this level of support. If you are a start up, without the budget needed for full support, or you are building a large offshore team that will include full management, then housing your offshore employees in a quiet, professional office may be the solution for you.

The good news is that Global OfficeWorks offers both levels of service.

Why should you house your offshore employees with us, instead of them working from home?

For most business owners, we recommend that your Virtual Assistant(s) are fully managed. Our 10+ years of experience has proven that most unmanaged and unsupported VA’s fail. VA’s need the level of support that Global OfficeWorks provides! 

If you cannot provide this support but do not have the budget for a fully managed service, we strongly recommend that you wait until you do have the financial capacity to do so. Do not bring on an unmanaged VA unless you are ready to manage them! Our history has shown us that doing so results in a very high failure rate.

However, if you are confident that you can provide your VA’s the level of support that they need, then Glow WorkSpace is a great option for you.

This table may help you decide whether to utilize our fully managed service or to manage your team yourself:

🗸 Initial Onboarding call with our recruiting manager, so we can identify the role in order to endorse the most qualified candidates.

🗸 Onboarding Guide provided to you. This includes a Needs Analysis questionnaire and details the onboarding process. 

🗸 You prepare the Job Description and prioritize your tasks after utilizing The Complete VA Task List

🗸 We review the applications in our recruitment pool for candidates who match your job description. If none are found, we proceed to advertise the position.

🗸 Upon completion of our pre-screening process, we endorse our selected candidates to you to review their resumes, DISC Profile and personal video presentation. You select up to three candidates for initial interview by us.

🗸 Each candidate who passes our initial screening interview is endorsed to you and we schedule your personal interview with them. You may meet with the candidates multiple times.

Glow WorkSpace Recruiting Process

Following the selection of your Virtual Assistant, we proceed with the following steps:

🗸 We recommend a salary package range to you. This includes basic salary, government entitlements, 13th-month pay, paid vacation days, and health insurance.

🗸 We prepare and send a written job offer to your selected candidate.

🗸 We provide you an employment contract template for you to prepare and execute with your new employee.

🗸 We run a background check on your selected candidate

🗸 We provide first-day office orientation to your new employee including discussing with them how to communicate with you, and all upcoming social activities scheduled.

🗸 We help your employee set up an Airwallex or Payoneer account, to receive the salary package you remit to your employee on the 1st and 15th of each month.

🗸 We receive all requirements needed from the employee for us to be able to remit the monthly benefits.

🗸 We set up accounts with each Government benefits department (SSS, Phil Health, Pag-Ibig), and enroll them in an HMO health insurance plan.

🗸 We provide free access to our Virtual Assistant Training Academy

Glow WorkSpace is a member of the Global OfficeWorks Family. If you feel that you need the resources and support provided by a fully managed service, please visit us at

Getting Started

Glow WorkSpace makes it easy for you to get started. You can expect the entire process to take 2-4 weeks.


Book your free consultation or skip this step and go to Step 2


Pay the US$399 recruiting fee


During the recruitment process, once you are confident that you will find a suitable VA, you select and purchase for the computer equipment package which suits your needs.


Once you purchase your equipment package, and all required software, our IT department will set it up to be ready for your VA.


Once your candidate is selected, and seated, you need to remit the total amount of the benefits, plus the Glow WorkSpace monthly fee. The first month payment shall be pro-rated so the following payments will be made on the first of each month via autopay.


We help you set up an Airwallex or Payoneer account, to remit the salary package to your employee on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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